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Mushrooms may grow in dark, hushed environments, but they’re powerhouses of potential!

We raise flavorful mushrooms on our exceptional family farm outside Potcheftroom and are trusted by top chefs across Gauteng.

We also promote sustainable agriculture by equipping other mushroom farms with tools and mentoring. Partner with us today!



Mini Bella

Mini Bella Mushrooms have a deep earthy flavour that makes them just as versatile in the kitchen as their sister white mushroom. These charmers have a light tan to deep brown cap and add more flavor to every dish.
You may know us as Cremini!

White Buttons

These little beauties are a staple in the kitchen, with a mild earthy flavour that only intensifies when cooked, they are the most versatile of mushrooms making the culinary applications endless.


The largest of all the mushrooms, portabellas have quickly become a meat alternative being served up as burgers, tacos and even “steaks.” Quite simply, we are full grown mini bellas!

King Oyster

Chefs everywhere are inspired by this mighty mushroom.
From pulled king oyster mushroom sandwiches to bacon wrapped king oyster “scallops”, King Oyster mushrooms are fueling creativity in the culinary world.


Arguably the most beautiful of all cultivated mushrooms!
Best enjoyed cooked, they may look intimidating, but they are easy to prepare and bring a whole new gourmet feel to any meal.


Want to add a little adventure to your dish?
Try the Shiitake mushroom, they add an exciting exotic flair with their deep savoury umami flavour and the meaty texture of their tan gills and fleshy brown caps.


he most unique appearance of all our mushrooms!
Their long slender stems and tiny white caps always garner a second look and are often a love at first bite. These rare and elegant mushrooms have a mild flavour and slightly crunchy texture, similar to a bean sprout.

we do

We grow fresh organic mushrooms all year long. From the nutrient-rich substrate to water recycling, we have embraced every aspect of growing organically: enhanced soil and water quality, reduced pollution, no synthetic pesticides and, well, grow pretty amazing sustainable organic mushrooms.

our story

PURE Shroomery is in business to help increase the health of South Africans through access to sustainable, fresh, and organic specialty mushrooms grown without pesticides. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an opportunity to expand the company’s operations and discover new and effective forms of mushroom farming.

PURE Shroomery aims to become the largest commercial mushroom farm in the region.

PURE Shroomery is based in Potchefstroom, North West; under developed and close to one of the biggest produce-requiring regions in South Africa.

With over 550 sq. meters of indoor growing space, the farm can produce over 85 tons of organic produce year-round. The company prides itself on producing high-quality specialty mushrooms including Golden Oyster, Blue Oyster, Lions Mane, and Shiitake.

Qubitum’s Director, Karen van Zyl joined the PURE Shroomery management team and will help control this venture with her 13 year background in business management, and will challenge her entire team to continually produce the best organic mushrooms available.

Her team regularly studies mushroom farming practices and technology so the business can adapt and grow as new technology and practices emerge.

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